Host a 3x3 Tournament


FIBA’s freeware to organise 3x3 events.

- Automates registration of players to
- Automates results upload to
- Provides all the necessary tools for a paperless competition management
- Offers digital tools such as info display and presentations to run a smooth event

Steps to follow to successfully use Eventmaker:

1. Create a player profile (this is important to be able to access all the different digital tools)
2. Create an organiser account from the EventMaker
3. Create an event with categories and add teams per category
4. Create courts
5. Register teams
6. Add 3x3planet players or non-registered players to teams
7. Create and edit schedules for all categories (including KO Phase)
8. Print official game score sheets
9. Enter results either manually or with the provided scouting app
10. Print various reports (schedule, pool standings, brackets)
11. Create widgets for external websites to register players or to display of information.

Create a 3x3 Profile

Player-centric digital platform, players can interact with other members of the 3x3 global community as well as follow those events organised in their chosen radius

3X3 Is FIBA’s digital platform for 3x3. The site is focused on getting people to play more 3x3 by offering them a repository of all their game history, an individual ranking, the ability to compare with friends and rivals and the option to download the 3x3 mobile app. for players

- Check individualised ranking and analyse performance
- Archives all games in cloud repository
- Manage profiles
- Connect with other players
- Find and register to competitions

3x3planet App for players

- Get info about courts
- Set up pick-up games
- Record pick-up results
- Check tournament results
- Register to events
- Follow the World Tour


All qualifying tournaments need to be played using the following official rules here.

Official Scoresheet

All qualifying tournaments need to be played using the following scoresheet here.

The Playing Court

The playing court area should ideally be 15m wide and 11m long except for a right triangle rectangle with a hypotenuse of 3.4 m length earmarked for the Scorers’ Table (cathetus of 2.4m x 2.4m). The playing area will be marked with whited painted lines. Additional boundary areas of 2m for baseline, 1.5 m for short sides and 1m for long side opposite backstop unit shall be provided, making the total court surface 18m x 14m, as per the following layout: